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Research and development of synthetic resins

Romanov N.M.
Chemistry of urea- and melamine-formaldehyde resins.
Moscow, 2020

This book presents the results of studies into the processes of formation and transformation of urea- and melamine-formaldehyde resins (amino resins). The study provides a detailed description of the effect of molar ratio of reagents, pH of the medium and other factors with regard to the kinetics of the process, functional composition, molecular weight distribution, storage stability and the properties of amino resins. It presents examples of synthesis optimization and possible mechanisms for amino resins formation. The book also examines the state of amino resins in aqueous solutions, the effect of aging processes of resins on the properties of wood-based panels produced using them. The formation of copolycondensates of urea, melamine and formaldehyde are matters of special discussion. Special attention also is paid to curing, hydro- and thermal destruction of amino resins. Numerous examples are given to show the effect of a range of modifiers on the characteristic parameters of curing, the release of formaldehyde during curing, and the structure and morphology of the resulting polymers.
The book is intended for specialists working in the field of synthesis and processing of amino resins, as well as post-graduate students and students in the chemistry and forestry faculties.

Nikolay Mikhailovich Romanov, Candidate of Chemical Sciences, Senior Specialist of TransSintez. The author of numerous publications and inventions in the field of amino resins. Resin formulations developed by him are produced at our company's facilities and they are used in the production of wood-based panels and paper-resin films.

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Romanov N. M., Ivanov B. K.
Urea, melamine- and phenol-formaldehyde resins.
The theoretical basis of the calculation of formulations.

The book sets out a systematic approach to calculating formulations for thermoreactive formaldehyde-containing resins. It proposes formulas for the theoretical calculation of urea-, melamine- and phenol-pharmaldehyde resin formulations based on urea-formaldehyde concentrate and formalin containing any amount of additives of individual substances or their aqueous solutions. Special consideration is given to cases of resin formulations modified with aqueous ammonia solution.
Practically all possible resin formulations are considered, including formal restrictions relating to resin formulations due to the fixed composition of urea-formaldehyde concentrate. The work also proposes formulae for calculating resin formulations based on mixtures of urea-formaldehyde concentrate and formalin of any concentration. In addition the book offers a theoretical justification for the applicability (limit conditions) of formulae for use in practical purposes.

The book is a methodological manual accompanied by a CD containing electronic tables for computer calculations of resin formulations containing up to 10 additives of individual substances or their aqueous solutions.

The book is intended for technological specialists in resin production facilities, researchers engaged in the development of new formulations and students.

To purchase or discuss the book, please contact us by phone +7 (495) 664-94-61, or leave a request and we shall call you back.



We produce chemical binders for a wide range of applications!

  • Resins for the woodworking industry
  • Resins for the production of thermal insulation materials
  • Resins for the production of decorative paper and resin films
  • Resins for the production of high and medium pressure plastics
  • Resins for the production of urea-formaldehyde foams
  • Foundry casting resins

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